11 Feb. Talk: SOUND ART CURATORIAL PRACTICE AND PERSPECTIVES by Carsten Seiffarth and Raquel Castro

11 Feb. Talk: SOUND ART CURATORIAL PRACTICE AND PERSPECTIVES by Carsten Seiffarth and Raquel Castro

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SOUND ART: curatorial practice and perspectives

Next 11th February in the SOMAR space Carsten Seiffarth (Berlin) and Raquel Castro (Lisboa) will meet to talk about aspects of sound art. In an informal conversation they will present ideas and projects which they are involved in as well as exchange perspectives and curatorial experiences about installative sound art.

11 Feb. 6:30PM

CARSTEN SEIFFARTH is curator and producer in the field of sound art. Born in 1963 in Berlin; 1986-1988 Orchestral Music studies at the Franz Liszt School of Music, Weimar (trombone); 1988-1989 visiting student at the Humboldt University Berlin Art History, Asthetics and Philosophy, 1990 Sociology/Musicology Studies at the TU Berlin.
From 1991 on, independent project work as: curator, producer, project manager in the field of Sound Art and Contemporary Music.
Curated numerous solo and group exhibitions, in Germany and in other countries, for example, in Austria, the Netherland, Belgium, Denmark, Romania, Luxemburg, Slovenia, USA, Croatia, Norway, Mexico. Since 1996 curator and artistic director Singuhr – Sound Gallery Berlin, since 2014 Singuhr – Projects. From 2000-2008 member of the artistic direction of the festival Inventionen Berlin. 2005-2007 member of the artistic direction of the media art laboratory Tesla in the Podewils Palace Berlin. Since 2010 curator and director of Bonn Hoeren, Urban Sound Art project in Bonn. 2011-2012 artistic director of Sound Exchange – Experimental Music in Eastern and Central EuropeEditor of several Publications: Singuhr  Hoergalerie 1996-2006Tesla 2005-2007;  Singuhr  Hoergalerie 2007-2014; Sam Auinger: A Hearing Perspective; Paul DeMarinis: Buried in Noise; Gordon Monahan: Seeing Sound; Sound Exchange – Experimental Music in Eastern and Central Europe; and many others…

RAQUEL CASTRO is a portuguese researcher, film director and sound art curator. In 2003, she produced and co-directed a series of documentaries on the oral memory of Portuguese communities. As part of this project, she lived in various regions of the country, collecting voices, images and sounds. She began to take an interest in the sound identity of the places she visited, which led her to write a master’s thesis on Acoustic Ecology for the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the New University of Lisbon. She directed the documentary Soundwalkers, which was premiered in 2009 at the Subtropics festival in Miami and presented at several festivals and conferences on sound around the world. Among her films, she also highlights The Neighborhood and Leve Leve Non Caba Ué, winner of the Ovarvídeo festival (2007). She holds a PhD in Communication and Arts from Universidade Nova de Lisboa with the thesis “Contributions to an Analysis of the Soundscape: Sound, Space and Acoustic Identity”. Currently, she is working on a new series of documentaries about sound and environment that will be presented by RTP2. She is the director and curator of the international symposium Invisible Places and the Lisboa Soa sound art festival. Both events aim to promote the very political idea of listening as a creative practice by bridging art and science through installations, sonic actions, ear cleaning exercises, soundwalks and sound performances.